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), it is time for us to build and grow from our home at With that said, I’ve been working behind the scenes with the Admins and Mods on the new forums for the community!

2) We will be working as quickly as possible with Invision behind the scenes to bring up the new forums: which will have all of the same usernames, passwords, and posts.

We are currently contacting individuals that have joined our patient registry or completed a previous Clusterbuster’s survey and have indicated they may be good candidates through their answers and information.

We will be contacting people in smaller groups so it may be some time before we get to you but we will be getting to everyone that is on our patient registry that meets the necessary criteria.

Robert Shapiro, University of Vermont Medical Center, Dr. We are looking for individuals who have received a diagnosis of CH from a doctor, who have at least one immediate family member who also has received a diagnosis of CH from a doctor to participate in the study together.

Two (or more) family members must agree to participate.

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