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See full summary » Neal Brennan is taking multitasking to a whole new level in his new Netflix special, 3 Mics, which features the comedian switching between three different microphones symbolizing three different styles of comedy.Trevor Moore, head writer for "The Whitest Kids U' Know" recorded his first solo one-hour special, "High In Church", at The Gramercy Theatre in New York City.Sisters Weekend: Anyone who is trying to plug their branded merch that no one asked for. We did, however, directly reference Kylie Jenner’s turd-raison lip color for our fictional teen celebutante Gibby Kyle (played by Mary Houlihan). If you’re practical, you’ll likely switch to chasing success and if you’re smart, you’ll hopefully switch to chasing happiness. Sisters Weekend: Mike grew up renting “Monty Python” tapes from the library and staying up late to watch 2000’s SNL, Kat was super into Andy Kaufman and “Kids In The Hall” in high school, and Angelo was heavily influenced by “Strangers With Candy” and Anna Faris in the Scary Movie franchise, so, our comedy heroes mesh from all over. But, also we idolize a lot of the people we work with in NY- Lorelei Ramirez, Erin Markey, Mary Houlihan, who are all in the film, Amy Zimmer, Ana Fabrega, Patti Harrison, Sam Taggart. So far, I loved Sara Silverman and a couple other performers whose names elude me at the moment.All the previous shows were filled with politically incorrect jokes and sketches but this Trevor Moore show just doesn't fit in nor it is worth your time.A whole hour of this Central Comedy special gave me exactly 2 very short laughs and maybe 2 or 3 smiles.It's all pretty much pre-recorded silly songs trying to be satirically criticizing common social and political issues.

Everyone on the show is funny, and the sketches always seem to me like the new funniest thing that i have ever seen. I find it mostly original, and if it ever dipped into unoriginal it certainly was funnier or better than whatever the other thing was.It had me and my friends and everyone I know quoting it. It never gets tiresome or boring, like many shows have, and I'm sure it might never get tiresome and boring. Seven score and ten years ago today the American Civil War started. Grant to Bob from Jamaica and try to convince the young nation to put down arms and pick up …well, you know.See more » This show is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time.I may be only 14, but lets just say I watch too much television.

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    But he did share a photo of the cast together, giving Gomez a shoutout: It was truly and honor to have my whole cast come to my big day!