Validating event of text box in vb net

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If you are using a Microsoft Access database application for data entry you will want to ensure the quality of the data that is being entered.

We then begin to build the macro by entering the conditions and actions required.

Instead of attaching the macro to a specific control object on the form (text box, command button, etc.), you attach the macro to the form itself.

This way, it does not matter where the user adding the record moves the focus to, the macro will always run.

It has properties and methods and can be interacted with, similar to the other objects you've seen so far, and the plethora of things to come as you move through the remainder of this book. Maybe this isn't the best way to explain this.

NET page object, it's important to look closely at these event and the order in which they occur so that you can utilize them to their fullest potential.

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