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The next day, Doughboy visits Tre, now understanding Tre's reasons for leaving the gang.

Doughboy knows that he will soon face retaliation for Ferris' death, and accepts the consequences of his crime-ridden lifestyle.

He concludes his story by advising Tre to never join the army, stating that a black man has no place in the army.

When returning home, they see Doughboy and Chris being arrested for shoplifting (Doughboy had said earlier on that they were going to the store, but had no money), while Ricky and Tre look on.

Worried about Tre's future, Reva sends him to live in the Crenshaw neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles with his father, Jason "Furious" Styles (Laurence Fishburne), from whom she hopes Tre will learn valuable life lessons and to be able to mature, but assures him he will be permitted to return to her one day.

In Crenshaw, Tre reunites with his friends, Darrin "Doughboy" Baker, Doughboy's maternal half-brother Ricky, and Chris, their mutual friend.

The next day, Tre and his friends go out with Chris who shows them a dead body.

While there, a group of older boys in the Watts Crip gang steal Ricky's football and Doughboy tries to retrieve it, but is defeated.

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Furious finds Tre preparing to take Furious' .357 Magnum, but convinces Tre to abandon his plans for revenge.When the two gangs are finished arguing, Ferris fires his gun in the air causing everyone to leave.While Tre talks about leaving Los Angeles, he and Ricky are pulled over by the police.At a barbecue, Doughboy (Ice Cube) is now a Crip gang member and is celebrating his recent release from jail, along with most of his friends, including Chris, who is now paralysed and uses a wheelchair as a result of a gun wound, and new friends Dooky and Monster, also now Crip members.Ricky (Morris Chestnut), now a star running back for Crenshaw High School, lives with his single mother Brenda, girlfriend Shanice, and their infant son.

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