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What kind of animal does princess Jasmine have for a pet in Aladdin? When Jeremy Irons was used for the voice to narrate Spaceship Earth in EPCOT, who did he replace? What year was Song of the South originally released? In Brave what is the name of the castle where the Highland Games were held? What color is the string of beads broken by Cinderella's stepsisters? Who wrote the novel that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was based on? Which full-length feature animation includes the song "Skumps"? What was the first year that Disney released 2 full length feature animations in the same year and what were the movies? In which park's Fantasyland will you find the attraction, "Alice's Curious Labyrinth"? In Hercules What is the name of Hercules' trainer and what type of creature is he? What type of animal is the Sultan's throne shaped like in Aladdin? In Beauty and the Beast, what feature was given to Belle only so she would stand out in the village and seem that she really did not fit in? How many rows of seats are there in the boats for "It's a Small World"? What was the first Full Length feature animation to use closing credits? In the Spaceship Earth scene where the family is watching television, who is sitting on the couch? What does the rain symbolize in the the second to last scene of The Lion King? What Animal Kingdom show was created using assets from a retired entertainment offering at Disneyland? Voice actress June Foray's debut was in "Cinderella".

In which Disney attraction can you hear this recorded phrase .. What insect is considered good luck in China according to the film Mulan? What 2 Disney animated feature films had their debut in New York 51 years apart? Who provided the whistling for the animatronic robin during the song A Spoonful of Sugar in Mary Poppins? In what year did the Walt Disney Company begin being traded on the New York Stock Exchange? Based on early cartoons, what was the name of Minnie Mouse's pet bird? Which silent film inspired Walt Disney to create the animated short Steamboat Willie? In 1939, Walt Disney bought the rights to what stories from the Harris family for the movie Song of the South? How many months did it take to build Spaceship Earth in EPCOT? What was the first Disney full length feature animation film to openly deal with warfare? In Tarzan, to see how Tarzan's body would move while sliding down a log, the animators based his movement on what pro skateboarder? Who narrated the Johnny Appleseed animated segment from the 1948 feature "Melody Time"? In Alice in Wonderland, what is the name of the woods written on the sign that Alice stumbles upon? In Bugs Life, what is the can that is the restaurant in Bug City? Which witch had a broomstick named Beelzebub in the Disney short Trick or Treat? In the Country Bear Jamboree, who does Teddi Barra invite to come up and see her sometime? How many dropping shafts are in the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror? What is the correct name of the Disneyland Paris castle? What is the name of the father dalmation in 101 dalmatians? What is the name of Pongos wife from 101 Dalmatians? What was the name the cartoon television series that features Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera featuring them as young children? In Ratatouille when Linguini is trying to find a place for Remy to hide, it is revealed his boxers have a logo on them from what Disney / Pixar film? The Incredibles was the first Disney Pixar film to receive a PG rating, what was the second? What was the first Disney film to be released on Blu-Ray before DVD? Which actor voiced the character of Little John in Disney's "Robin Hood"? What company distributed the Mickey Mouse comic strip? When Lilo and Stitch walk past this store selling calendars with images from around the world, the what image is on the Orlando calendar? What Hall of Fame was Walt Disney inducted into in 2000? What is the name of the technique created by Disney for use in Tarzan, which allows 2D hand-drawn characters to exist seamlessly in a fully 3D environment? What is the name of the woman that makes suits for the Incredibles? What famous author's story inspired the "Bongo" sequence of Fun and Fancy Free? In the Aristocats, what kind of truck do O'Malley, Dutchess and the kittens sneak onto for a ride back to Paris? What were the first 2 Disney attractions to utilize the Omni-Mover concept for the ride vehicles? what does the inscription above John Carters tomb read, and what is its translation? What is the official working title of the next Monsters Inc Disney Pixar movie that will actually be a prequel and released in 2013? In Test track, what is the difference in temperature between the hot and cold rooms? What are the ride vehicles in Spaceship Earth named? What are the three original Walt Disney World Adventure Land attractions that opened in 1971 and are still operating? In Typhoon Lagoon, what is the home port as seen on the back of the boat Miss Tilly? The song "A Step in the Right Direction" was dropped from the final version of which film?

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