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Without "fair exchange" there is one person taking and the other giving and that lacks balance in anyone's language" Yvonne Rice ~ Smiles to You!

"When you place someone on a pedestal - you take away their right to be human and make mistakes.

She is also the CEO of the Global Non-For-Profit Organization - The Dating Association "When you understand that you are "worthy" of being in this world and you are "worthy" of being loved, respected and accepted - you will project that out into all of those around you - how can anyone love and respect you - if you don't think you are worthy? For without allowing vulnerability and trust into the relationship - past fears will destroy it.

- you are worthy - believe in you - then others will too! Feeling safe may not come easy however - communication, understanding and honesty is the key". "Every day in every way - your life is evolving into the legacy that you will leave behind for others.

) So avoid the dudes who stare only at their own reflections; they will not be a good match. There is nothing wrong with telling your friends you are, single available and on the prowl!

Believe it or not, you can learn how to attract a guy who is not a dud!And the secrets are not terribly difficult to follow.Here, we’ll give you clever ways on how to attract a male who does not leave you snoozing. First of all, if you want to know how to attract a guy who actually has something between his ears, it is time to ditch the bar scene.While that is a fine recipe for flings and hook-ups, it is certainly not the best way to find a lifelong partner.Instead, hang out in more professional places such as libraries, museums and theatres.

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