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There are also homeopathic and natural and dietary remedies that can help.Your hearing aids can actually help with tinnitus as well as balance.That way you can still see each other’s expressions etc. Get into the habit of discussing sex when you are relaxing together, and by texts etc., swapping desires and fantasies.You could have fun creating physical signs (like pinching an elbow) you can use in bed that say things like ‘I love you‘, ‘I am about to come! Once you get used to communicating openly about sex, you will be delighted in where life leads you!Make good use of mirrors to see what you cannot hear.

If you take a low dose of Fluoroxetine to help you chill – it decreases the stress hormones and helps you relax and sleep. They may suggest something like you accept it into your life as a family member.Like back in the old days before the 2nd world war, Alexander Woollcott wrote ‘Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening.’!By Tuppy Owens Outsiders is a FREE social, peer support and dating club, run by and for socially and physically disabled people.Also, I am finding my tinnitus really distracting while having sex, I don’t know why.Do you have any ideas on ways to put my fears and bothers to rest?

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