Sania mirza dating shoaib malik

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He also led his team to victory in 24 of the 36 ODI matches along with 12 of the 17 T20 matches played.But a poor performance against Sri Lanka in 2009 forced him to step down.Zayn Malik is apparently dating supermodel and all-round hottie Gigi Hadid.In one fell swoop, Zayn has disappointed desi girls and made desi boys proud.However, with super hectic careers touring the globe for their match commitments plus spending time with their respective families in their hometowns, making a long distance relationship (LDR) work is not all smooth sailing Born in Sialkot on 1st February 1982, Shoaib Malik grew up like so many Pakistani boys playing cricket in the streets with a taped up ball.In 1993, he was selected due to his superior batting skill to attend Imran Khan’s coaching clinic in his hometown. His family was not impressed as they wanted him to focus on his education, but he persevered and was selected for the Under 15 World Cup team.Although he was a great batsman, he developed on his own bowling skills much later.

Although he doesn't talk about it, ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik is certified Pakistani. And that's proof enough for us to claim him as our own!

Back in the day when Imran Khan married Jemima, we thrilled at the conquest and speculated about what it was exactly that made Pakistani men so appealing to the foreign woman.

And remember Lady Di's romance with Hasnat Khan?

Then, in 1999 at only 17 years of age, Shoaib made his One-Day International (ODI) debut playing for the national team against the West Indies, and his Test debut in 2001 playing against Bangladesh.

Since then he has taken over 100 ODI wickets, and has a batting average in the mid 30s in both Test and ODI cricket.

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