Ryan dunn and jessica chobot dating

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her being in the game undermines the legitimacy of the franchise to be taken seriously and makes it seem like a total sell out piece of shit franchise only interested in giving little boys boners for the sake of a big cash out. So if this game was originally going to be awesome, then chobot just ruined it. Great...someone decided to feed this chick's ego even more. To be honest Jessica being in this game doesn't effect me or the game at all. Look at her shitty character model her boobs had more work than her face.

Probly forgot how stupid some of the npcs in previous 2 were..... every1 will have positive reactions after they sleep with her in-game. It does [email protected] up my over all aesthetic of the game, but not enough not to play it. Let's be honest she is not all that attractive (not nearly as attractive as SHE thinks she is). The fact they made her look exact and with chest enhancements is very conflicting and made it cheap for the hardcore gamer. This crap shows how much work goes into mass effect now.

I hope bioware takes some liberties with Jessica's appearance in the game like making her green with 5 tits Everyone is acting like her being in the game is a big deal. Mass Effect as a series has been stellar and one of the best RPG's around, it'll continue to get great reviews, but that's just because the games are so amazing. The problem is it's likely to get great reviews, but if IGN or G4 give it top marks, people will assume that it's primarily to do with Jessica and less to do with the fact that it's a great game. Maybe the first game, second one became a 3rd person shooter with RPG elements.

@Noticeably_FAT Hmm Im still trying to figure out if youre "sarcasm meter" is about at 8 ... Im thinking the third will most likely be the same.

This is how juvenile developers destroy immersion (as if the magically locking - enemy spawn creating doors - were not enough on their own.) @da_2pacalypse My impression from playing the first 90mins of the game and from talking to the team at Bioware is that fans will definitely not be disappointed.

Our hands on preview with the full details on what people can expect is going live tomorrow at 5pm GMT.

However, people saying she isn't good looking are ridiculous. " hope it's still good, but, I'm at a point where I'm actually worried about ME3. If it wasn't for her being spit out of the anal porn industry female game journalism would not exist. But still, original character building is always the way to go for me at least.

If we banged her, we'd be high fiving strangers on the night bus! I think this is the first time during the game's development where I've actually thought 'like, what the actual ****, Bioware'. Ah well, if she does a decent job, we can't complain, but '10 from IGN incoming' seems to be the recurring theme here. i dont think its a big deal at all, they could have just as easily modeled a character who looked very similar, said it had nothing to do with her and nobody would have cared. they're are for more things to be concerned with about this game than her, i love ME.

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Just ignore that shit, I dunno what's wrong with gamers nowadays.

They're all journalistically disingenuous from the start.

That being said, I also believe this is a conflict of interest and frankly just another crappy character further mucking up an already-volatile game.

Vocal minority People on this site represent less than half who will buy the game. not to mention that half people who frequent site are probably smarter than me and not argue on the message boards as well. Very nice you have this great game and you give us garbage why not make her one of your stupid ass dlcs.

the people who probably don't give a damn aren't posting in the comments after watching video. And ppl who say those who do not like this are jealous and immature you are full of it.

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