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It’s about solving people’s problems and providing value to their business.If you can do that, and be/become very good at your craft, then your background will be totally irrelevant.Mr Bussey was not willing to let the matter rest and, at huge expense, employed a Californian law firm to subpoena Google's records to find out who was responsible.That led him to the door of Mr Page, aged in his 20s, who was living with his parents in Sutton Hill, Telford, and ended up on the receiving end of a full-scale High Court libel case.The "overwhelming probability" was that that Mr Page had either authored the post himself or authorised it.The judge added: "Why Mr Page should himself choose to attack Mr Bussey and his firm is unclear, but the most likely explanation would appear to be a purely financial one." Taking into account the "grapevine effect" on the internet, the judge had no doubt that the post had caused serious damage to Mr Bussey and his firm's good name.

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"Their reputations have at last been vindicated following this calculated attack through the medium of an online review site." He said that Mr Page's post may well have been "solicited" by others and Mr Bussey would continue his legal fight on both sides of the Atlantic to find out who may have been responsible.And if you can’t, then you can have ad agency experience like Don Draper, and you’ll still starve.All of this misinformation wouldn’t bother me much except for I know how easy it can be to believe it when you’re just starting out. It’s like being saddled with “freelancer kryptonite.” Consider this post the antidote.And by the way, whether it’s Upwork or the car dealership, both of these types of clients offer value (more on that in a minute).Upwork isn’t an economics classroom, and freelancing services don’t trade like commodities on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

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