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A month later, he collapsed in the street and was taken by ambulance to Nepean Hospital and later to Westmead Hospital for a second operation.

"The surgeon at Westmead said the problem with the first one was that there was a blood clot in the screws that join the leads to the pacemaker," Mr Commons said.

She also has wings, which she can use to hover above the ground.She can shape-shift into any creature, depending on her emotions, but her default form seems to be an yellow-orange gradient fairy-like creature with antlers.Her body somewhat takes on the shape of her shell, having a round head with a slim body, and the upper half of her body gets progressively lighter shades of yellow, orange, and sometimes pink in coloration."He didn't detect that the cable wasn't connected to my heart." He was sent home again but in the following days his heart would "jump" constantly."I was thinking that I was dying." That October, Mr Commons was sent to the Eastern Heart Clinic at the Prince of Wales hospital for a third operation.

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