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The good news is that it doesn't tend to affect children as much in their third year or fourth year, so you’ll be glad to know that his reluctance to experiment with food is a normal stage of development that he'll soon grow out of.Picky eating may also be your toddler’s way of showing his independence as he learns to feed himself.In this study, we examined the role of yolk testosterone (T) in controlling neophobia in 9-month-old, sexually mature zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata).Offspring hatched from either T-treated or control eggs were subjected to a sequential series of behavioral tests in which we measured the neophobic response and its persistence towards two unfamiliar stimuli.Fussy eating is simply a phase that most toddlers go through, usually in their second year.Fear of eating new foods is called food neophobia, which humans developed as they evolved.

This is one reason why pressuring your toddler to eat may backfire.

Keep mealtimes to a set length Most toddlers eat as much as they're going to in the first 30 minutes of a meal.

Trying to persuade him to eat more after this time is unlikely to work, and will just mean unnecessary stress for you.

Although males appeared to approach novel food faster than females, there was no overall sex effect during the habituation period.

When a novel object was added in combination with the previously learned food stimulus, this caused an behavioral shift in approach latencies.

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