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If this were a Democrat, Republicans would’ve set the White House on fire by now.” — “Mueller is grasping at straws.Searching every commercial transaction Trump has ever done, fishing for something in his past is far beyond just a Russia probe. Hillary and company have lots of evidence against them yet you spend zero time on her.”“The single best thing about this story is about the president.We’ve seen a decline in the functionality of press briefings because the 24-hour news cycle has made politicians resistant to making off-the-cuff remarks.The only thing that makes Scaramucci any different than other Republicans is that most Republicans only use obscene language behind closed doors.” New White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and President Donald Trump shake hands after being privately sworn in during a ceremony in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D. mper tantrums, especially if he doesn’t follow or agree with his decisions.

If Kelly doesn’t like what Trump is proposing, there’s going to be more controversy than there already is“I served with General Kelly in the Army. All Trump has to do is shut up.” — “I am currently having to forgo health insurance due to the fact that even on the ACA Exchange; the least expensive plan would cost between 0-700/month. This week, President Donald Trump inched the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight with his repeated warnings to North Korea.A federal report provided startling evidence of climate change.They will continue to go about what they were doing to be environmentally aware and be responsible stewards of this earth. The mental health care here is the worst I’ve ever encountered... If this woman cares about Kentucky she will try to help eastern Kentucky as well.” “Why is the response from the left so predictable when an individual expresses an opinion which they disagree with? It impacts every human on this planet.”“She isn’t in my district, but I wish her the best. You’re either on government assistance or you are rich. a couple gas stations and fast food, all jobs that pay minimum wage... Are they so fragile in their beliefs that their world cannot weather the slightest scrutiny?

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