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Talk to kids about what they’re doing online Get to know the social networking sites your kids use so you understand their activities.If you’re concerned about risky online behavior, you may want to search the social sites they use to see what information they’re posting. Try searching by their name, nickname, school, hobbies, grade, or community.

Patch High School students are at work in a computer animation class Oct. Technology makes it easy for kids to connect and share things with friends and family, no matter where they are.Employers, college admissions officers, coaches, teachers, and the police may view your child’s posts.Remind kids that once they post it, they can’t take it back.Even if you delete the information from a site, you have little control over older versions that may exist on other people’s computers and may circulate online. Let your kids know that it’s wrong to create sites, pages, or posts that seem to come from someone else, like a teacher, a classmate, or someone they made up.Tell kids to limit what they share Tell your kids why it’s important to keep some things — about themselves, family members, and friends — to themselves.

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