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The standard username for most cameras is “admin”, while the password may vary (e.g. 3: Once logged in you can adjust the settings and change the default password.The router you use comes with built in security that blocks certain applications from accessing your home network.guests staying at your home) then I suggest you regularly change your password.If someone has access to your home Wi Fi, it’s not just your cameras you need to be worried about, but your computer and all it’s contents.Some people choose to set up port forwarding for devices such as an XBox which might be ok, but when it comes to IP cameras I don’t recommend you do this.If you’re not sure what I’m talking about you’re probably safe (you have to actively open port forwarding so you will know if you have done that).Ok, let’s get into the five steps you can do today to protect your cameras from being hacked.

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This is how to create secure passwords that you will remember.Again, most people change this password when setting up their home wifi.Take action: If you haven’t changed the default password of your router, here is how to do it.Updating your IP camera to the latest firmware version is different for every camera so it’s best to refer to the camera manufacturer.Take action: Check the website of your camera’s manufacturer and search for information on firmware.

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