Large and lovely dating site

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If a site is recommending that you immediately go to another site that isn’t very good either that is a huge red flag.If you scroll down to the bottom of the of the homepage you will see a very discouraging sight.In these situations it is almost always the case that the site is really just a shell that is only being used to send you elsewhere.Not exactly a shining endorsement for a site if they don’t even want to you to stick around.© Large and Lovely 1997 – 2014 While it is encouraging to see that the site has been around for nearly twenty years it is a very bad sign to see the year 2014.Any legitimate site is going to be very cautious about what they put on their homepage.In our Large and Lovely review we take an extensive look into Large And to help you determine if it is the right dating site for you.There are dozens of dating sites out there that claim to be the best for meeting BBW (like Large And Lovely) and most of them are borderline scams.

If the very owners of the site don’t care about the site then there is no reason that you should either!

That popularity went downhill fast starting in 2013 and has consistently decreased since then.

It has become so bad in fact that this site is now getting interest from less than 2,000 men and women each month.

This time at the very bottom of the homepage we find links to ten other dating websites.

You are not going to see that on any of the top BBW sites.

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