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That's Arthur Guiness talking (phr): when someone is talking rubbish while under the influence Arthur Scargill (n): gargle/drink; after the miners union leader in the 80s in England.

Article (n): a woman, usually half in jest Artist, government (n): person 'drawing' the dole [social security] Ask me arse/bollocks; go and shite; eff off and don't be annoying me (phr): general ways of telling someone to shut up As rough as a bear's arse As scarce as hen's teeth As sharp as a beach ball As sick as a small hospital As small as a mouse's diddy As thick as two short planks As useful as a lighthouse on a bog As useful as a cigarette lighter on a motorbike.

Babby (n): little child - baby Baby Power (n): miniature bottle of Powers Irish Whiskey (favoured size for ladies handbags) Backer (n): riding on the back of a bike while someone pedals up front; as in "gis a backer on your bike" Bad dose (n): tough old time with illness Bad egg (n): a dodgy bloke or a troublemaker Bag of Taytos (n): packet of cold potato chips a.k.a.

look at the gatch on him Gawk (v): stare Gawk (v): to throw up - especially after alcohol Gear (a/n): good, clothes Gee, Gee-box (n): female genitalia (hard G sound) Gee-bag (n): general term of abuse Gee-Eyed (a): drunk Gersha (n): young girl Get off with (someone) (ph): make out Get on like a house on fire (n): to get on real well with someone Gick (n): shit Gicker (n): your bum [up the gicker (no man quicker)] Gift (n): excellent, unexpected surprise Gimp (n): an undeveloped weedy adult male Gingernut (n): redheaded person Git (n): rotten person Give A Shite (usually with couldn't...) (phr): (couldn't) care less Give Out (v): to criticize someone - 'She gave out to him something fierce over standing her up' Gizmo (n): a thing or most often a guitar a Go (n): turn/fight Go on outta that (phr): no way in hell or you're pulling my leg Go with (v): As in "Will you go with me?

" meaning will you go out with me or in some parts will you snog me Gob (n): mouth, as in: "shut your gob" or (v): to spit Gobber (n): A spit (of the green kind) Gobshite (n): idiot Gobsmacked (a): very surprised Go-car (n): baby's pushchair Gollier (n): a big, fat spit of phlegmy stuff Gom, Gombeen (n): idiot Good Gear (n): good, clothes or stuff Gooter (n): penis Goozer (n): kiss Gouger, (Gow for short) - (As used by Dublin Gardaí) (n): a dangerous knacker/thief Go way outta that!

(in this case, I suppose it could apply to a female as well, but almost always the term 'hoor' is masculine.) In Ireland, at least, 'cute' means 'clever' Cuttie (n): young girl Cutty Knife (n): knife for cutting the bread Da (n): father Dander (n): a leisurely stroll Danny boy (n): twenty pounds in money Deadly (a): very cool Deadner, give a (n): to knee someone in the side of their thigh Dear (adj): expensive Dekko (v): look at, inspect Delph (n): crockery, cups, saucers etc Dense (n): stupid - as dense as bottled shite Desperate (adj): terrible Diabolical (a): really terrible Dickey Dazzler (n): an over dressed man Diddies (n): breasts Dig (n): punch or slap Divil (n): devil DNS (n): the Northside (of Dublin) generally or one of its residents Do a Bunk/Flit (v): sneak off, usually to avoid paying a bill, the rent, etc.

Dodgy (n): suspect/mechanically suspect Dog's Bollocks / Mutt's Nuts / Puppy's Privates (n): the genuine article / the real deal Doing a line (phr): courting, seeing someone Doing (or speaking) 90 to the dozen (v): going (or speaking) very fast Doing the rat race (v): driving through housing estates to avoid the traffic Donkey's Years (n): a long time - 'I haven't seen him in donkey's years' Doorstep (n): a sandwich made with thickly cut bread i.e.

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