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We hope after watching it you have a renewed commitment to the fight against poverty.

In response to the incident, the Blue Jays said they will be increasing security and banning the person responsible from the Rogers Centre.

It represents a belief that there are some things which people should have, that there are basic needs that should be fulfilled, that burdens and rewards should not be spread too divergently across the community, and that policy should be directed with impartiality, fairness and justice towards these ends.

This involves factoring in aspects of the system that have marginalized people and put particular groups at a disadvantage.

Lessons may be learned from the Oxford experience and the index could be adapted to focus in on identifiers that could better articulate differences such as food access vs. This may be a tool to help direct policy and resources in a different way and to have more impact or at least a different impact and “..importance of using a poverty measure that can be disaggregated to show where and how people are poor and ensure that no one experiencing poverty is hidden from view” cannot be understated.

We encourage individuals, groups, communities and agencies to join in the Community Truth Hearings on Poverty and Equity by convening and participating in hearings in your own community until end April 2015 and to maintain a record of the hearings so that they may be added to the final account.

We believe that the Community Truth Hearings on Poverty and Equity is a bold new step in collectively and collaboratively gathering information in communities, across the country, and perhaps beyond, to influence change and public policy and to contribute to broadening the base of information upon which decisions are made. Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a health provider.

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“We ask all fans to alert stadium operations employees if they witness any form of unacceptable behaviour from fellow spectators.” The incident – which triggered a frenzy online and in the stands – saw the beer can narrowly miss Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim as he made a catch during the seventh inning.

Over the course of many months, and in some cases years, people have graciously shared their lives and experiences with us – experiences of living in poverty, of isolation and exclusion, and most importantly, of not being heard.

In response Hamilton Urban Core made a promise to listen, to raise awareness and to help to bring these voices to the places and spaces where decisions about poverty are being made. This presentation was thoughtfully prepared by Hamilton Urban Core’s own staff.

“The safety of our fans, staff, players and visiting teams is paramount,” the Jays said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We’re cooperating with the authorities to identify the individual involved, and the individual responsible is not welcome back to the stadium.

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