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Just a damm good money making machine imho who the hell os going to go 300 miles plus for a date and the majority of profiles are expired but kept on to look like they are active save your money mate I'm not sure.When I signed up, I thought it was only going to cost .99 for 3 months.It’s not just about accessing all of your social networks in one place though.Features like scheduling, filtering and searching, just to name a few, make these excellent tools to integrate into your daily routine.According to their site information, you can only hide your profile if you merely pause your profile but KEEP paying. You can't respond to anyone to warm them unless you put a profile picture back up! Amazingly unprincipled and a cynical exploitation of people looking to connect. I spoke with 3 different people and got 3 different stories.It does explain why there are so many single photo profiles though. After reading reviews on several different sites it seems I'm not the only one this has happened to.I have met a man a good man that I never would have met without Zoosk .

I unsubscribed but they wouldn't take my profile down so I kept receiving messages from men who THOUGHT I was an active member. They promised to block the card so it couldn't be used again.

I started to talk to someone they the site who turned out to be a scammer.

Fortunately I work in a field where I am trained to spot a scam but he had no idea so I played along until he went to ' Dubai' to buy jewels to open a jewelry store.

I paid for a month but the now duplicate account was useless and won't let me receive or send messages and I tried to get a refund but the responses would always take a long time coming and so by the next monthly cycle, another was withdrawn even after I had unsubscribed. That makes you spending a lot of time on line searching thru profiles no longer active.. The Carousel sends people from over 50 miles when 50 miles is my entered limit. I have met someone on Zoosk who is just fantastic and it looks like its serious. I had 4 charges made to my debit card totaling 5.00 from Zoosk/San Francisco. I get a text every time money comes out of my account. Before i could do this 2 more charges had been made.

Zoosk is Not user friendly and I agree with many reviews that Zoosk is a Scam proficient in only robbing people and hiking their subscriptions up to scheme more money from unsuspecting users. I was happy with this site and I would recommend it to my friends. I would like to unsubscribe now but I have to write a review. There were 2 texts back to back with charges from Zoosk, one for .95. My bank closed that account and issued me a new card.

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