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If a long-time partner confides in you about a specific area of physical interest they’ve been hoping to try out, go ahead and say, “I’m not into that,” if that’s the way you feel in the moment.But be careful not to shame them — it can be hard to bring up a desire your partner might judge as weird!Thankfully, in most scenarios, both partners will want to ensure that everything is consensual.Clear communication is key to making sure your boundaries are respected.And nothing that you've done or could ever do in the future would make it your fault. When you're already hooking up with someone, shouting "NO! Maybe you just want to slow things down without bringing everything to a halt.

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Depending on your relationship with your partner, you may want to give them an explanation.So here are some practical ways to get comfortable asserting control over your body at any point during a hookup: When you need to say “NO.”When you want to deny sexual consent, it can be hard to get the words out.Hopefully, your partner will respect your body language and stop whatever they are doing.But follow that up with, "And I want to take this slow.” If your partner challenges you, repeat yourself, putting physical distance between your body and theirs.At this point, their reaction will give you some important information.

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