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After seeing them, the remaining guy is allowed to go out with the single lady or opt for a snowboard instead. he set on "The Hook Up" is bright, colorful and media-splashed. In this vain, "The Hook Up" is doing something very smart- tapping into what millenials already do behind closed doors with their friends.

Flat screens are obviously in order when perusing someone's social media profiles. The Host Schulz is a native New Yorker known for his edgy, street-smart, and unapologetic comedy.

MTV debuted an all-new half-hour dating series this week, entitled "The Hook Up".

The show is hosted by Andrew Schulz, a familiar character on MTV and MTV2.

I first met Schulz at Comedy Cellar in NYC a few years ago, where he gave a hilarious set comprised of his typically sex-infused jokes.

He emerges from behind the screen, they hug, say goodbye and the pool is down to three bachelors.

In this second round, the single and her friend sift through the prospects' social media profiles.

Host, Schulz, is known for his New York attitude and swag, and blunt (sometimes crude) observations about dating and relationships. The show is not a reality show, in that it is set in a studio. For anyone who remembers the glory of MTV in the 90's this show is styled somewhat like "Singled Out", in that it's filmed before a studio audience and a little wild.

For youngsters out there, "Singled Out" was a highly successful show for MTV, with Jenny Mc Carthy as host.

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