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The streaming technology comes from another UK start-up, called Slipstream, which put together the servers and content management systems which allow Vision to collect revenue as well as deliver video.Those companies only employ around 60 people between them (Slipstream being responsible for a tenth of that), but reckon they can ease the transition towards internet video by offering streamed channels delivered to existing Freeview boxes while we're still waiting for our You View boxes to come along.The system already being deployed allows for subscription channels, and there's the potential (and intention) to provide video-on-demand services in the future.The channels are being delivered by Vision IPTV, a London-based television packaging company that's been managing content for the satellite industry for the last six years or so.These will include Polish and Greek channels initially, with a dozen more categories to follow.

In addition, if you can watch (or listen) immediately online, press the button in the "web" column.As some channels are exclusive to one service alone, you may need to get receive more than one service to get all the channels you want. Comparing files List Freesat 11 27and List Freesat 13 01************************ CHANGED ************************ SERVICE NAME TYPE EPGID SID TSID ONID FREQ.The coverage for Freeview differs too - those channels not provided by the public service "Freeview Light" transmitters have italics numbers. P ENC EIT PROVIDER BOUQUETS LCN Renamed Heart TV 1 09002 55111 2095 2 11553H 0 1 Freesat 111111111111 506 Heart Xmas 1 09002 55111 2095 2 11553H 0 1 Freesat 111111111111 506 ************************ DELETED ************************ SERVICE NAME TYPE EPGID SID TSID ONID FREQ.Channel 111, named "Connect" and coming online in a few months, will apparently link to a selection of Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing channels, while Channel 112 ("Stream") will initially lead to a single sports channel.None of those channels are using up significant space on the Freeview multiplexes.

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