Dating broke men

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You shouldn’t be the only person offering resources and wisdom.Please don’t be bamboozled into caring for a grown up child.His smile turned sideways and his eyes bent into a squint, “What kind of security? After all, conventional, male centered wisdom is that women often times pass up great guys on the come up in blue collars, for half-way decent ballers and other bad boys, all because they got a little extra change. No this is not a golddigger’s anthem, but rather an acknowledgment that for some of us ladies with bills of our own, romance and finance goes together like steak and cheese. And nobody – and I mean, NOBODY – has time to front you and me at the same time.And when he told me how his momma’s house was just a brief pit stop on his journey to financial solvency again, I believed that too.And I let his sense of humor and overall charm fill in the gap for what he lacked in security.In fact, I have been putting off dating for some time in hopes of avoiding having to answer that. I meet them all time; paling around with guys, who are homeless, jobless, always down on their lucks but with tons of child support.For me, who struggles in general with decisions (you should see me get stuck at Dollar Menu), the answers to this question are not easy ones. They sleep on couches, drive their cars and borrow money, which never gets paid back.

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You’ve worked hard to be able to establish yourself, at least keep company with men who have done the same so you can share secrets to success and support each other in your growth.

People – friends and family - will question your decision to do this and if your stand isn’t solid enough, you might waver.

You also need to be reasonably sure of What’s his attitude towards getting his finances right?

That is not respectable and it is truly disgusting. Some women have no problem going dutch on dates, but you should.

If he can’t provide a simple meal for the woman who is sharing her mental and physical time with him then he has a lot of work to do on himself in the areas of etiquette, personal pride and self care and he should not be focused on a relationship.

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