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I couldn't wait to snag this whore when she came walking in for her scenes, and as luck would have it - you gotta love this job - I was the one partnered with Kelly.After she got herself all slick and soapy, it was down to business, sucking my big dick, then climbing on top and bouncing her big fat black ass.But don't like the modest wrapping of this lady fool you.She's as ready to rock as any other street ho, and works out her pent up energy on any guy who picks her up with cash in hand.

Video: Photo: 73 Ya gotta love Tricia - pounding the pavement looking for work.

Video: Photo: 38 Qali's an old school hooker who pounds the pavement of the track and shakes that booty and shows off her rack on the streetside meat market.

She knows her her job is all about delivering the goods, and when the door's closed on her no-tell motel, she doesn't tease, she pleases.

Video: Photo: 36 So I'm out looking around for some ho to bring home to cheer up a friend, and I run into Simone working her corner of the world. She saunters up to the car and says she's got the perfect cure to cheer someone up. Video: Photo: 119 Alana's one fine bitch who knows how to work it on the street and how to work it in the sheets.

So after the particulars, we get back to my place, and one look at Simone and you guessed it - that's all the cure that was needed. Keisha's good looks and amazing personality were more than I could handle. Watch as this fine example of femininity shows how she makes a buck.

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