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I love you.” Kyrie has had to make some major compromises, having to make a deal with Wilson and come up with a custody arrangement.

With the help of a mediator, Kyrie and Wilson were able to reach an agreement and kept the case in Texas, Wilson’s home state, where they are reportedly less generous with child support payments.

“I love you so much, and my heart grew the first time I felt your heart against mine.

Mommy, I gave her your name because I know you will bless her and our family the same way you blessed me.

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Additionally, Liz shared a picture of the couple on 16 September 2012 with a caption ' Mommy & Daddy'.

It’s unfortunate that it’s received so much attention but it’s become bigger because of a post that was misunderstood.

Nothing but love and compassion over this way for her and her family. []” The picture in question involved rapper, Party Next Door and after all the backlash, Khelani tried to take her own life and credited her life being saved by the rapper, who was also her “first love.” Khelani wrote: “I am severely utterly in love with my first love.

star has not confirmed anything about her relationship status but has given enough to the media to talk about her.

Liz's love life is something with a number of twist and turns.

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