Bow ciara dating wow

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He has accepted terms to e-mail all of you personally and quite possibly arrange free tickets to an upcoming show.Thanks for your devout dedication and support it hasn't gone unnoticed.Well, ijust want to say that bowwow and are sort of a cute couple.ciara may be a little taller than he is, but that doesn't make a difference because they both had a choice of who they wanted to be with and they chose each other. to bowwow, i have always been a fan of your's every since you came into the business. to ciara, i'm really not a fan of yours,no offense, just being truthful. Any wayz they have been talkin for a long time so they should be very comfortable around each other.

as long ass bowwow happy than i happy too but he will always be my boo and my number one fan ciara is a nice girl to.holllllllllllaaaaaa this be your girl Dashia from Newark Newjersey. to make sure Official is the Number 1 chart site on the interweb.Cookies remember your choices and tailor content especially for you (as Kylie & Jason might say) and by being here you consent to their use.they have been knowing each other for like 4 years. bow wow can date whom ever he wants to date i am still his biggest fan.even though he got a girlfriend he still takes time to let his friends know that he really does care about us. im tryna make my mama take me to the one in orlando flordia. Bowwow and I met in a airport he was Nassau and I was going to my secret place in the world.

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