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Still the population never fully recovered and is estimated to have been no more than ca.20,000 people in the second half of the 12Starting with life at the top, the religious and secular authorities both maintained palaces in Jerusalem.There was not just the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Calvary Chapel, but dozens of churches catering to different Christian communities, Syrian and Armenian, Greek and Maronite, as well as the Latins.There were also the two great mosques on the Temple Mount which had been converted into churches, as well as the austere but lovely Church of St. As for the bulk of the population, while accommodation would have ranged from the comfortable to the squalid as in any city in the world, nevertheless, this being an ancient, eastern city, it was well supplied with public cisterns, reservoirs, and baths.

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crusaders) or as simple pilgrims (religious tourists.) The Holy City of Jerusalem crowns a hill in semi-arid, hilly countryside and was in crusader times encircled by tall, white-stone walls punctuated with square towers, seven gates and at least three, possibly more, posterns.

Common at this time were citrus orchards, but figs, dates, and almonds were also cultivated to serve the urban population.

Almost certainly, there were also vineyards surrounding Jerusalem during the Christian period as wine was an important product of the kingdom, necessary for the liturgy and consumed in large quantities locally.

However, they began construction of a “modern” palace in the first quarter of the 12 century.

Although this too has been lost to us, contemporary accounts mention that the royal palace had extensive gardens.

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