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It is even more amazing that they have been able to get some legislators and judges to buy their argument.

This is a testimony to how illiterate many Americans are in the history of racism in this country, and how easy it is for people to rewrite history to serve their purposes.

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Sharp (CA)), which they often cite in an attempt to claim a " fundamental right to marry" the of one’s choice.the case could not be made on the basis of discrimination because of the racism and eugenics attitudes. 1655].) The right to marry is as fundamental as the right to send one's child to a particular school or the right to have offspring. Because of the antimiscenegenation law there, they suffered the humiliation of not being able to live together under state law. Because of this the only viable way of challenging the law was that it infringed on religious liberty. Indeed, "We are dealing here with legislation which involves one of the basic civil rights of man. Reading the findings of the Court, it was clear that the Virginia law as about racial purity too, and not about withholding privileges from couples because of their race. People defending the reality of marriage often have difficulty responding to claims that excluding same-sex couples from marriage is similar to the bans on interracial marriage that were in place in some U. What is going on is another attempt to confuse people about the redefinition of marriage, trying to claim discrimination against same-sex couples is similar to discrimination against interracial couples seeking marriage. From the cases overturning those bans, those advocating for the redefinition of marriage alsofalsely claim that the courts established a fundamental right to marriage that applies to same-sex couples.

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