Advice parents teenage girls dating

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You can learn about safer sex and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases together.

If you want to go to the experts, make an appointment with a medical provider who you know to be knowledgeable about LGB health issues; your primary care provider may fit the bill.

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This is the same talk I hope any parent would have with their kid about sex, gay or straight.

Remember that lesbian-identified teens may actually have a higher pregnancy rate than heterosexual teens; many do have sexual contact with men and need to know how to protect themselves.

If you’re comfortable with it, look at these websites, or other resources, with your teen.

So when I saw “Teenage Dating for Girls,” I thought, oh great. So that’s probably even more reason why I should have known better than to jump to any conclusions.

Another well-intentioned but confused Catholic parent telling us why it’s okay that her teenage daughter goes steady – because it’s important to show that we trust her and she knows she’s supposed to be good and we really want her to think of us more as friends than as parents and that boy is so charming and his parents are so nice and – what, you’re pregnant? I should also note that my own home is decidedly ungraced by the presence of any teenage girls, so my own opinions on this particular topic are, from a practical standpoint, entirely prospective in nature.

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