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Amy sits at the top of the social ladder, using the hypnotic ability of her enormous breasts to take whatever she wants from her fellow students.When Cathy learns of her classmates power she quickly decides to get revenge upon the popular cheerleader.He has ambitions to be something greater but in the face of constant put-downs from his female colleagues, any chances of promotion seem doomed.However, all that changes when, one night, chasing links from his favourite erotica forum, he stumbles across the invitingly mysterious website.Uniforms, of a kind few, if anyone has ever seen or experienced, have become available not only to her, but to her friends and family. A well known actress has a dark secret—she likes turning young women into her animal hybrid pets.

A sexy porn star’s rise to fame was noticed and admired by many.The catgirl’s transformation just needs some extra steps.Matt leads a frustrating life as a downtrodden employee of a women’s magazine.In college, she would learn more than just the secret behind her persuasiveness.What would happen if an ordinary man suddenly found he could have any woman—literally, any woman—that he wants?

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